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Best Place to Sell Diamonds Online

Best Place to Sell Diamonds- Trust Should Equal Item Value

 Places which are considered best

The places which are said to best in the market for selling one’s valuable items are the ones where the process of selling is convenient and the purchasers considerate. Good buying places should provide free and insured shipping services, should have their own team of experienced item appraisers and experts. Genuine buying places do not have any kind of middleman, the process of selling and buying short, straight-forward and crisp. There should be no hidden payment involved, everything has to be transparent.

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Best Place to Sell Diamonds

One of the best and trusted places for selling one’s luxury items, i.e. diamonds, online is Luxury Buyers. The company sells people’s valuable diamonds through a proper streamlined and secured procedure. The company also has their own customer care services.

The company follows clear precise steps through which people can sell their diamonds without any hesitation. Steps are:

  • Sellers can register their valuables online: Luxury Buyers has their own registration forms, people can register online, give detailed information describing their valuables to be sold and also upload a clear picture of the luxury item. Space provided in the form for alternate documents such as receipts’ details, authentic certificates and multiple photographs.
  • The customers are given an initial estimate: after the documentation papers and photographs are properly considered by the team of experts and gemologists, the executives contact the sellers through telephone or e-mail and give them a well-researched estimate.
  • Shipping item for inspection: if the luxury item sellers agree to the company’s initial estimate, the company gets the valuable item shipped through reliable shipping to their offices for personal inspection. The shipping label brings the item securely through over-night shipping services and the charges for the same are paid by the buyers
  • Experts inspect the items and quote final price: the team of experts after receiving the item inspect the item thoroughly and a final offer about the same is made within 48 hours for the interested seller to consider.
  • After the sellers approve, the payment is made: best place to sell diamonds is the one shop which after receiving affirmative response from the sellers make a fast and secured payment.

Trust-worthy Places

The place should be trust-worthy as the selling products are valuable luxurious items. The procedure foe selling should be convenient and the pricing at par at the item’s value. The shipping services provided by the buying companies should be insured and free and the buyer should pay the seller immediately on the sale as well as should return back the seller’s item immediately if the seller doesn’t want to make a sale.

Places without the middle-man

People selling such valuable items are most of the time wary about the selling place. They should try to sell their products to the buyers who have only one stand-alone company as this way the risk of being duped by middlemen does not arise. They should always talk to the company executives before making any kind of deal. The executives should be able to help the concerned sellers with all their queries.



How to Sell and Buy Diamonds Online

If you are looking to sell and even buy some diamonds online you have landed on the right site. Here we go over some of the main tips that you will need along with other suggestions that will get you moving toward the right direction when it comes to buying diamonds and selling them online as well.

You may ask yourself why you would want to sell your diamond online as opposed to going into a jewelry store or pawn shop to sell your luxury good. Well, there are a number of reasons why you wouldn't want to go to a pawn shop or even a jewelry store for that matter. And here is why:

  1. You are going to get ripped off.
    • I hate to say it but, yes that's right. You're going to get ripped off and you are not going to like it. The first thing that a pawn shop or jewelry store is looking for, is to simply throw a low ball number at you and try to feel you out to see whether or not you know what you are selling or simply have no clue whatsoever. These places like to profit off of the ignorance of others.
  2. They are not looking for your best interests.
    • When you go into that store looking to sell your luxury good they already know that you need the cash. Maybe you don't even need the cash but you're simply looking to upgrade to a more expensive stone or jewelry piece. Or downgrade, who knows. Whatever the case may be. The person behind the counter at the store has already this preconceived notion that you are in need of the money and will accept the low ball offer that they are planning to throw at you.
  3. They want the profits.
    • Last but not least, they want the profits ladies and gentlemen. So in the end you are the one with the loss and they are the ones laughing all the way to the bank with the profits from the transaction made. Jewelry stores buy wholesale diamonds and jewelry pieces. They do not lose from the transactions made because they cannot afford to lose. In this industry there are huge profits to be made from the buying and selling of diamonds and jewelry.


Final Thoughts on Selling Diamonds

So all in all, my suggestion is to simply stay as far away as possible from these establishments. Unless you are looking to get paid less than what your valuable is actually worth. Find out what your stone or jewelry piece is actually worth by getting a professional appraisal by someone with years of experience in the diamonds and luxury buying industry in general.

You will have a much better idea and understanding about what it is actually valued at and you will know what to expect now from whomever you are approaching about selling your valuable to.


Sell Diamond Ring Online

Would you like to sell your diamond ring online? Many people that are searching on the internet for a place to sell their diamonds simply don’t know where to turn. It can be a challenging task to take on when searching for the right location for selling your diamond rings.

The good thing is that you have actually found and landed on the right blog for that though. Luckily for you, you don’t need to worry about looking for another site that will help you with facilitating the sale of your ring. Here at our office we pride ourselves in providing a service that no other company out there can exceed.

For many years, we have been at the forefront of the diamond buying industry and have seen others around us come and go. Not to brag but, we are one of the very few that have been able to generate a great amount of clientele by means of providing a well-rounded service.

When it comes to buying diamonds, there are so many factors that come into play that only a seasoned buyer can know right off the top of their head. For instance, a diamond’s depth, diameter, and clarity to name a few. These are things that not a lot of people out there have knowledge of and that is where we come in and make the judgment on the particular stone.

Find out what your diamond ring is worth by simply sending it in for an appraisal today. One of our experts will have a look at it and evaluate its true worth in a matter of minutes. You will have your estimated appraisal in your hands in no time. There are definitely no strings attached and the appraisal process is completely free of charge for you. If you are not satisfied with the offer that we will present to you for your valuable we will simply send it back to you as we have received it.

Often times, our clients end up wanting the cash for their diamond since our offers are higher than the norm. We strive to keep our offers the highest for our clients so that they know that we are actual diamond buyers and not some retail or pawn shop down the block that is simply trying to pull a fast one on people that have no clue what their diamond is worth. We actually want to pay you what your diamond is worth so that you don’t have to worry about visiting that shady shop down the street.