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diamonds onlineIt all began in the year of 2012. Where I found myself not knowing where to go or who to trust with the information presented to me. In the jewelry and diamonds industry it is always challenging to find the right source for the information that you seek. I had just graduated from college and was looking to get a diamond ring for the love of my life, Clarissa.

I did not want to get just any simple diamond for her ring though, I wanted to find the right diamond that would be a smart investment and would not only hold its value for years to come, but also increase in value later on.

In search of this ring I ended up in jewelry stores that did not know or perhaps did not want to bother with the fact that I had done my homework at home and wanted the right stone for my ring. Each jewelry store always tried to point me towards mediocre stones that just looked pretty. Through smiles and charm, they try to leer you into buying something that you weren't looking for in the first place. I've learned to be very weary of these sorts of tactics, and to not let emotions and small talk dictate what decisions I make. Especially towards buying something that is worth a couple of month's salary.

It became more and more of a chore to find the right stone through countless interactions with jewelry stores and owners of these stores. Until I found the right source for information on how to get the best bang for my buck and actually invest toward buying the right stone for me and my soon to be wife.

The purpose of this website is to lead you towards buying the right gem for your loved one and avoid getting scammed like so many have been. I hope that you have found this site helpful and if you have any questions that haven't been addressed here on my site, please do let me know by getting in touch with me here. I always update my site with new blog posts about questions that my readers send in. It would be a pleasure to address yours as well!